Use smart document templates to generate customized documents.

Document templates act as blueprints for creating multiple new documents, such as contracts, proposals, invoices, or letters, with the same structure but varying data.

Mark the placeholders within the document template.


A form is automatically generated for you.


Fill out the form to generate customized documents.

Create a smart document template in a few steps.

Step 1

Create a new template

Upload your commonly used Word, Excel, PDF documents into WordFields, where you can use them as templates while completely preserving the formatting and layout.

New template dialog with select file button and input to name a template
Step 2

Mark merge fields

Merge fields in a template are placeholders that are automatically populated with data from user input when a new document is being created. Simply use your cursor to select any part of the text in the template, and WordFields will automatically convert it into a merge field.

Merge fields designer where users can mark changeable text with a cursor to turn it into merge field
Step 3

Use document form

In the form designer, all the merge fields from the template will be displayed as form fields. You can customize the form by organizing fields into segments, adding descriptions and other features. Filling out the form allows you to effortlessly create customized, error-free documents.

Use a form designer to customize your template form then fill it out to create new documents.
Ready to go

Share the template with your team

Once you have set up your template and its form, share it with your team members. They can fill it out to instantly create verified, error-free documents.

Share template form with your team so they can fill out the form to create new documents

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