Organized paperwork, time saved!

Before: Scattered obsolete copies of templates for contracts, reports, letters .. errors and time lost. After WordFields: Templates organized in one place, everyone knows how to create error-free documents in an instant.

An easier, organized and errorless way to create documents in an instant

WordFields is a hub where you keep all your document templates as fill-out forms.

Empower your administration, HR, legal and marketing teams with the up to date templates for frequently used documents, available to employees as fill-out forms with instructions.

Use smart forms to create new documents

Reuse your frequently used Word or Excel templates and convert changeable parts into merge fields. WordFields will automatically create a fill-out form for you. Enhance it with advanced document form editor.

WordFields will automatically create a fillable form for you, which you can share.

How it's better: Creating forms in Word or PDF can be time consuming and technically challenging and there is no easy way to share them. WordFields is easy to use and cost effective.

Keep supervisors in the loop

Every time a new document is created it can be automatically send out to subscribed recipients, so nothing gets through the cracks. For example, when head of development creates a new employment offer letter for a new hire, HR will be automatically notified to take notice. If a new contract is created, management might want to take a second look.

Benefits of automating documents with WordFields

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