Better, automated way to create documents using smart forms

Streamline document creation effortlessly with WordFields intuitive form designer, providing enhanced control and customization options beyond conventional methods like Microsoft Word's custom forms or mail merge.

Mark the placeholders within the existing document.


A form is automatically generated for you.


Fill out the form to generate customized documents.

Powerful document templates

Easily convert your Microsoft Word or Excel documents into templates by adding merge fields with just a few clicks. Retain all original formatting and layout for professional looking documents.

Use merge field editor to mark changeable text in template

Automate document creation with form designer

WordFields streamlines document creation by automatically creating forms based on merge fields marked in your template. Utilizing the form designer feature, these forms can be easily customized and enhanced.

Design document creation forms with ease

Share document templates with your colleagues

Invite your co-workers to your WordFields workspace and share document forms or create shareable links and send them out via email.

WordFields can also help your team or company organize paperwork and save time.

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