How Do I Share Templates With My Team and Co-workers?

Template Management · October 1, 2019 · 3 min read

Most of the time you’ll need to share templates with your team or across your company. Everyone in the company will benefit and save time when there is a shared stack of business document templates ready to be used to facilitate document creation.

Create a folder with document templates

Get started by gathering all existing document templates are already using - client or contractor agreements, employment contracts, NDAs, business letters, meeting minutes etc. Copy all these documents into one local folder (eg. “Business Templates”) and named them according to what kind of content each of them represent - for example “Non-disclosure agreement.docx”.

Create a folder and copy all your document templates

Share document templates using Dropbox

When your team is using Dropbox for file sharing, you can simply use it to share your document templates folder:

  • Copy your folder with templates (eg. “Business Templates”)  into Dropbox root.
  • Got to Dropbox , click on “ Files” link on the left, then click on folder with templates.
  • One the right side click on “Share folder” to open sharing dialog box.
  • Enter email addresses of all your team members and share a folder.

Share document templates using OneDrive

When using OneDrive for file sharing you can also use it to share your document templates:

  • Open your OneDrive or your OneDrive Business.
  • Drag and drop a folder from your local hard drive into OneDrive root or create a new folder and upload all template files.
  • Open the folder and in the upper toolbar click on “Share”.
  • Click on “Anyone with link can edit” and then uncheck Allow editing .
  • Click on “Apply” button.
  • Enter email addresses of all your team members and click on “ Send”.

Share and automate document templates using WordFields

Using file sharing apps you can setup a basic template sharing hub for your company. But to make business document templates really efficient and easy to use, try WordFields app. WordFields gives you more features than a simple shared templates folder including control over who can use specific templates, automatically generated fill-in forms and document numbering.

Keep all your shared document templates in one place

Here is what you can do with WordFields:

  • Reuse your templates
    Use your frequently used Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Web documents and transform them into smart templates using replaceable textual placeholders.
  • Populate new documents in seconds
    Based on your template WordFields will automatically create fillable forms which you can enhance using powerful form editor with plenty of design options and advanced features.
  • Enhanced document creation
    Set permissions on who can create new documents and track when they are created, automatically generate document title and track numbering, write simple user guidelines.
  • Keep everything in one place
    All your templates in one place will make sure your team always uses the latest template version.

Using WordFields, your team has everything in one place, so everyone instantly knows how to create new documents. Get started with a free trial!

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